The Film

Singer/songwriter Sasha Ilyukevich (Belarus’s answer to Bob Dylan) and his London based band ‘The Highly Skilled Migrants’ are pleased to welcome you on board ‘The Nonsense Express’. Thank you for joining us as we take our ‘Russophone Bolsha Nova Folk n Roll’ on a challenging tour of Eastern Europe. Along the way we will be especially looking out for the very rare but much appreciated ‘captive audience’ and can assure you we will definitely find one!


Producer: Julie Viez – Click here to contact
Filmed, narrated and illustrated by: Rob Dumas
Written by: Rob Dumas and Pierre Lafouge
Edited by: Pierre Lafouge
Animated by: Pierre Erudel

Production company: Cinenovo, 306 rue des Pyrénées 75020 Paris, France
Running time: 37min
Format: HD + animation


“Great film. Great music.”

- Garth Cartwright

“The hard luck tale of poorly attended gigs and broken instruments reaches its climax with the group travelling to Minsk and finally securing a big audience reaction…”

- Russell Parton, New Statesman

“This film will go down brilliantly at the Picture House”

- Laura Mills, Hackney Picture House, London

“This film will be a great fit for the Lexi Nomad festival”

- Rosie Greatorex, Lexi Cinema London

“Cinematic bolsha nova folk n’ roll”

- Ned Crowther, The Highly Skilled Migrants

“This one should go to Sundance”

- Wax Cotton DJ

“Great to see our little tour on film, but more importantly it speaks out against the oppressive and authoritarian rule back in my homeland!”

- Sasha Ilyukevich, The Highly Skilled Migrants

“Stop filming. Turn that thing off.”

- Russian guard in Moscow